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Weight Management Service



Fitter Futures Warwickshire services aim to support people across Warwickshire to improve their health. This may include maintaining a healthy weight, becoming more physically active and having a healthier lifestyle. The scheme is commissioned by Public Health, Warwickshire County Council.


What is it?

It is a FREE service offered to help you loose weight, and you can choose one of the services offered below (Slimming World, Weight Watchers and Everyone Health which operates from Southam Leisure Centre).


Who is Eligible?

·      Must be registered with a Warwickshire GP

·      Aged 12 or over with body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more or a BMI of 28+ if there are complex needs (for the NHS BMI Calculator click HERE - you will need to know your height and weight)

·      Can only participate in one 12-week programme within a 12-month period.

·      Cannot have been a paying member of the service provider within the last 3 months

·      Maximum of two referrals per person


How do I Register?

We will need to refer you for this service. All you need to do is complete our referral request form. This can be done by clicking HERE (you will need to know your height and weight to complete the form).




More Details on the Specific Services:

 Please see: https://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/fitter-futures


Slimming World

·       an amazing no-hunger eating plan that you’ll love

·       recipe and menu ideas for every occasion

·       family friendly eating in and eating out ideas!

·       our fabulous lifestyle activity programme, Body Magic

·       awards and celebrations for every achievement

·       loads of help, encouragement and motivation when you need it most

·       slimming strategies that will help you lose weight beautifully and keep slim for life!


Weight Watchers

·       With our proven SmartPoints® system at is core, WWFreestyle® makes deciding what to eat easy.  Combined with our fantastic app, over 200 delicious and satisfying ZeroPoint™ foods, inspiring community and 24/7 support from our expert coaches, we have everything you need.    

·       Those following WW were 7x more likely to reach a 5% weight loss at 6 months than those who tried to lose weight on their own.  

·       The programme is designed to help you lose weight at a healthy rate of up to 2lbs a week (creating a personalised, safe energy deficit for a healthy rate of weight loss), whilst encouraging healthier, more satisfying food choices.  This enables flexibility to learn skills for sustaining weight loss and integrating physical activity.  

·       WW workshops are welcoming, motivating, supportive, friendly and great fun!  They are run by coaches who themselves have successfully lost weight and got healthier with WW.  They have learnt how to deal with the challenges of improving their lifestyles and are about supporting others to do the same.  

·       Every week in your workshop which lasts about an hour, different topics are discussed, ideas and practical solutions shared on how to build healthy habits and manage your weight. You will have individual, confidential support at your weekly Wellness check-in to help you achieve your goals.  

·       In addition, you’ll have access to all the digital and mobile app tools for 16 weeks.  This digital support includes a personalised assessment when you join, food and activity tracking, thousands of foods and recipes to inspire you, fun ways to get active and ways to take care of yourself and de-stress.


Everyone Health – Southam Leisure Centre


Our Everyone Health programme supports behaviour change around healthy eating, weight management and physical activity to manage weight loss and maintain this long term. 

Everyone Health fitness groups run once a week for 12 weeks and each session lasts for 90 minutes. You can join at any time as groups run on a rolling basis. Each group consists of about 10-15 people who are also looking to lose weight and feel healthier.

Each group session has two parts; the first part focuses on healthy eating, topics include portion sizes, eating out and food labelling. The second part is an activity-based session, this will allow you to improve your health and fitness in a safe and encouraging environment.

The sessions are delivered by a team of nutritionists and physical activity specialists who will help you lose weight permanently by making small but significant changes to their lifestyle, avoiding unrealistic and gimmicky diets.

The programme has been designed with pregnancy and the postnatal period in mind and, under these circumstances, additional support is available.