Travel Clinic

The nurses run a travel clinic. You do not have to be registered at St Wulfstan Surgery to use this service because travel advice and vaccinations are not part of the NHS. If you are not registered with us, there is a service charge of £16 (redeemable against the cost of any chargeable vaccinations requested) and an enhanced charge of £13 for administering each injection. (St Wulfstan patients will not be subject to these surcharges).

What do I need to do?

  1. Visit the NathNac website for details of what jabs you need
  2. If you are registered as an NHS patient at St Wulfstan, please complete the  On-line form
  3. then make an appointment to see our nurse.
  4. (If you are not registered as a St Wulfstan Patient, please print this travel form and give it to our receptionist with your £16 service charge - this is redeemable against the cost of any chargeable vaccination you choose to have.

We provide all the necessary vaccinations for travel worldwide and we are a registered Yellow Fever Centre.
For people registered at St Wulfstan Surgery, Hepatitis A and typhoid are free, but in general, most vaccinations carry a charge. The charges listed below are effective from 1st February 2017 but may be subject to change without notice, as the cost of the vaccinations may be changed by the pharmaceutical companies who supply them.

Travel Vaccinations

Malaria Private prescription                                 £16
Rabies (course of 3 injections)                            £178   (+£13 per injection for non St Wulfstan pts)
Meningitis ACWY (1 injection)                              £65   (+£13 for non St Wulfstan pts)
Hepatitis B (course of 3 injections)                      £109   (+£13 per injection for non St Wulfstan pts)
Hepatitis B Paediatric (course of 3 injections)     £86.50  (+£13 per injection for non St Wulfstan pts)
Japanese Encephalitis (1 injection)                     £185   (+£13 for non St Wulfstan pts)
Tickborne Encephalitis (course of 2 injections)   £POA*  (+£13 per injection for non St Wulfstan pts)
Yellow Fever (Injection and certificate)                £POA*  (+£13 for non St Wulfstan pts)

* POA = Price on application

Please contact the surgery a couple of days after you have completed the form to make an appointment for your vaccinations. This interval will give the nurse time to read your form and check your notes.

It is important that you think ahead when planning your journey. Some courses of vaccinations need two or three months to be completed - so consider this in good time.