Smoking Cessation

The surgery has a very good record in helping people to stop smoking. Evidence suggests that the most successful way of doing this is to have the support and advice of a health professional. Therefore, although we do prescribe various smoking cessation aids, we only do it in conjunction with attending the surgery for smoking cessation meetings with the nurses.

All the nurses provide this service. It is important that, once you have decided to sign up to this, you stay with the same nurse through the whole course.

Naturally, not everybody is successful at their first attempt, and we normally make this service available to people again if they want to re-try. This will not normally be available within the same the same year though.

The exception to this is if someone simply misses an appointment for smoking cessation. If this happens, we would not be willing to provide the service again at St Wulfstan Surgery for you. Other providers, such as the NHS Stop Smoking Programme and the local chemist would then be your other options.

The time and effort put in by the nurses is considerable and because of this we ask you to read and sign an agreement before joining the programme. 

Please print the  smoking cessation agreement, sign it, return it to the surgery and make an appointment to see the nurse in a few days. Alternatively, complete the form on-line here and ring the nurse in a few days.