DO YOU NEED PHYSIOTHERAPY TREATMENT? You can now SELF-REFER. Please note that you MUST ring the physio department 5 days after completing the form to receive your appointment -THEY WILL NOT RING YOU!!!

Unfortunately the waiting time for appointments can be a few weeks - but the doctor making a referral does not speed it up.

If you are having any of the following problems:

  • Back or Neck Pain
  • Recent Strain and Sprain
  • Joint or Muscle Pain

You can refer yourself directly to Physiotherapy without seeing your GPas long as you are registered with St Wulfstan Surgery


  1. Please complete fully the self-referral form via this link: (Physio Referral Form)  – (Please note you can only self refer for one complaint).     
  2. The attached referral must then be returned to the Therapies department at Warwick Hospital via post, fax, email or hand delivery – see contact details below.
  3. Approx 5 working days after the Physiotherapy Booking Centre has received your referral form please telephone  01926 608068 to book your appointment - (Please note: the booking centre co-ordinates appointments for all South Warwickshire’s NHS Physiotherapy Clinics.) 

Note from Service: We are unable to accept referrals over the phone and we cannot BOOK YOU AN APPOINTMENT UNTIL WE HAVE RECEIVED YOUR REFERRAL FROM

 The referral form must be either emailed, faxed, posted to:

Therapies department, Warwick Hospital, Lakin Road, Warwick, CV34 5BW

Fax:        01926 482641


What can I do to help myself in the meantime?

Research has shown that resting for more than a day or two does not help and may prolong pain and disability. However you may need to modify your activities initially.

Changing your position or activity frequently throughout the day will help prevent and reduce stiffness.

Over the counter painkillers can be helpful. A pharmacist will be able to advise you on the appropriate tablets.