Non NHS Services

We are an NHS GP service but do offer a private service for medical needs not covered by the NHS.  Most medical reports are done on this basis and we are able to do these for people whether they are registered with the practice or not.

We also offer a service to local business where staff may wish to see a doctor privately during their working day wihout the inconvenience of travelling to their own GP.  Please speak to the receptionists or practice manager if you wish to know more about this. 

Please note however that patients seen on a private basis are not eligible for an NHS prescription and will have to pay for the true costs of the medications when dispensed by the chemist.

The majority of procedures, consultations and services carried out at this surgery are paid for by the NHS.  However, where additional servies are provided, we are required to pass on the specific cost to patients.  The following list is not exhaustive, but details the most frequently raised fees.  Where other treatments carry a fee we will advise you in advance.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you have a legal right to access all of your health records including those held by your GP.  If you wish to request access to the records held by the practice please contact our reception staff and enquire direct.  Please follow the link here for more information on accessing your records, obtaining copies and the fees charged.



HGV/LGV/Taxi/Elderly Driver examination and report


£113 (+£15 for non St Wulfstan pts)


Insurance Report with medical examination




Insurance Report without a medical examination


£ 97 (supplementary reports  £25)


Private Sick note


Private letters:
  • freedom from infection
  • school letters
  • pregnancy related
  • fit to travel
  • driving licence (without examination)
 £ 22.60
 Other more complex letters/reports
  • Passport
  • Travel Insurance Claim
  • Private Medical Insurance Claim
 £ 27
 Shotgun Licence  £ 35
 Private Blood tests  £ 16 (plus cost of test)
 Childminder  £ 90
 Access to and copy of records  £ 10 for computerised notes
 £ 50 for manual records
 Letters for solicitors  £ 60 for max of 20 minutes

The following are free:

Sick notes for the DSS: Med3, Med 4, Med 5, Med 6,

Statutory Maternity Pay: MATB1,

Disability Living Allowance: DLA 1, DLA 1A, DLA 434, DLA 580, DLA 581, DLA 582

Attendance Allowance:A1 and AA1A

Registration of absent voter on grounds of physical disability

Medical Exemption Certificates: FW8 FP92A

Exemption to pay Council Tax because of Mental Impairment

Travel Vaccinations 

I am afraid that because of changes in GP medicolegal indemnity cover, we can provide travel advice and vaccinations to St Wulfstan patients only.