Accessible information

The Accessible Information Standard (AIS) is a new NHS England information standard which must be implemented by all organisations that provide NHS care.

The AIS aims to ensure that people who have a disability, impairment or sensory loss receive information that they can access and understand, for example, in large print or braille and by providing professional communication support for patients who need it such as a British Sign Language interpreter.

We want to improve communication with our patients. We want to make sure you can read and understand the information we send you. If you find it hard to read our letters or if you need someone to support you at appointments, please let us know.

Please let us know if you need information in braille, large print or Easy Read.

Please let us know if you need a British Sign Language interpreter or an advocate.

Please let us know if we can support you to lipread or use a hearing aid or other communication tool.

You can do this by submitting the online form below. Alternatively, you can speak to the receptionist, write to us, email us at Contact Details or call us on 01926 810939. 

The information you give us about your communication needs will be recorded on your medical record in a standardised way and highlighted to ensure that the whole team can help you with your communication needs.

This information could be shared with other NHS and adult social care providers if they need it.

Click here to access more information from NHS England about the Accessible Information Standard, including Easy Read and audio description versions


Accessible information
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All Information submitted through secure forms is secured with a private key known only to the GP practice and is accessed over a secure connection by nominated Practice staff. Our practice has a strict confidentiality policy.

This information is not shared with any third party organisations.

This information is retained for up to 28 days.

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