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Coronavirus Questions - what we can and can't do Posted on 18 Mar 2020

Everyone is being really understanding and we do appreciate your support at this very busy time. We are trying our best to remain available for you.
We are getting some requests for bulk prescriptions - which we have been instructed to refuse. Pharmacies are running out of medications and it is being exacerbated by high extra demand. By keeping to your routine regular amounts, there is more to go round for everyone.
We are also getting employers asking people to contact us to get more information about whether they are in high risk groups. We only know as much as you do and nhs111 at is the best source of uptodate information. If you were eligible for a flu jab - then you are in a high risk group.
And lastly, you don't need a fit note to self isolate. 111 will soon be taking over that role but for now, please don't contact us for these.
Well done everyone in being so supportive and keep well. Wash your hands, keep your distance and keep your eyes on for uptodate information.