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Please call our main switchboard number on 01926 810939 to book an appointment . You can also book an appointment on the internet by clicking here. 

We always have free appointments. The receptionist will not ask you what the problem is, but may ask you for guidance as to whether the nurse is the more appropriate person to see, rather than the doctor. Nurses based in our practice treat patients for a wide range of common conditions. You can book as far ahead as you like, dependent only on whether the appointment book has been prepeared that far ahead. We encourage people not to book more than a few weeks ahead though.

You can also book telephone appointments but please remember that we cannot examine over the telephone. If there is the slightest possibility that you will need to be examined, please make a face-to-face appointment. A telephone appointment does require us to spend time considering the problem, and making notes, so if you do need to be examined, where one appointment would have sufficed, it will now have taken two. A telephone appointment is still an appointment.



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