What people think of us

At St. Wulfstan, we are very proud of the access to, and quality of, the services that we provide.  We have very high satisfaction ratings from patients, and we have the extremely good access to doctors and nurses with extremely high patient satisfaction. Receptionists always come out for especial praise in all the surveys we have been involved in.

Please, please  complete the onlne survey here or tell us what you think of us at iwantgreatcare.org

Have you ever wondered how the NHS works?!! Click here for a short film explaining it all.

We encourage our patients to get actively involved with the Practice.  We have a small group of patients who act as advisors through a Patient Participation Group. 

You can find out more by visiting the Patient Participation Group page here

Read or publish comments about our practice on the NHS Choices website.

Lots of places to look to see how we perform both from a patient's point of view and also how we perform in comparison with our neighbours.

Go to NHS Choices to compare practices at NHSLocal and search on CV47 or go to NHSChoices for what people think of us (and lots more).

  • Compared to our neighbours there is the GP annual patient survey , or NHSLocal
  • Read our latest patient survey report and action plan here
  • To look at any other local practices click here and type in the name of the practice you want to review.